Louie Abramson - Insights from the ICBS: What Cluster Surveys Can Teach Us about Star Formation
Bruce Bigelow: The Life and Times of IMACS: Building a Spectrograph With Alan Dressler
Michele Cappellari - Scaling Relations and Environment
Matthew Colless - The Fundamental Plane and Stellar Populations of Early-type Galaxies from Low Redshift Surveys
Warrick Couch - E+A Galaxies


Stephane Courteau - The Structure and Scaling Relations of Spiral Galaxies
Roger Davies - Early-Type Galaxies in High Density Environments
Gabriella de Lucia - A Theoretical Overview of Galaxy Evolution
Megan Donahue - AGN Feedback and the Cluster Environment
Alan Dressler - The Contribution of LAEs to Reionization


Sandy Faber - CANDELS Greatest Hits to Date
Mike Gladders - Dissecting Galaxies at Cosmic Noon
Dan Kelson - CSI
Ivo Labbe - The Earliest Massive Galaxies
George Lake - What is a Galaxy? What is a Cluster of Galaxies
Tod Lauer - Brightest Cluster Galaxies at the Present Epoch
Lori Lubin - Galaxy Clusters at Intermediate Redshift
Matt Malkan - WISP and Alan Dressler
Michael McDonald - The Evolution of Intracluster Medium Over the Past 8 Gyr
Drew Newman - Spectroscopy of Early Passive Galaxies in Clusters and the Field
Gus Oemler - Galaxy Evolution Before and After 1980
Bianca Poggianti - Galaxies in Low-z Clusters and the Field
Marc Postman - CLASH
George Rieke - Future Infrared Space Missions
Marcia Rieke - JWST
Gwen Rudie - The Circumgalactic and Interstellar Medium of High-Redshift Galaxies
Daniel Stark - Early Star Forming Galaxies and Reionization
Scott Trager - The Low-mass IMF in Early-type Galaxies
Tommaso Treu - The Life and Times of Galaxies Through GLASS
Remco van den Bosch - The Extremities of the Local Black Hole Scaling Relations
Mark Voit - The Physics of Galaxy Cluster Evolution